Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome, lovely people!

My name is Laura Kaeding, and I am a writer and an artist. I express myself through creative means, and I share these expressions for the world to see. I also encourage you to try your own methods of expression, and see where it can take you!

A quick about me: I’m a married, white nerd with a little nerdling who brings light into my life. I care too much about everything, but not at all about everything at the same time. I am neurodivergent and queer as heck, and I also tend to swear a lot (especially if you ever talk to me one on one!).

Some quick navigation links for you below, and if you ever need anything just click the Contact Me up top!

If you are looking for

  1. Every post in chronological order on this site
  2. Non-fiction writing that I’ve posted
  3. Fiction writing that I’ve posted
  4. Art that I’ve posted, or
  5. Reviews I’ve written

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If, however, you’re a major gem and you’re looking for ways to support my creation of the beautiful things above and more, you can always:

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  2. Peek over at my Patreon account
  3. Consider commissioning a unique piece of work (link to come), or
  4. (there will be something else here… eventually!)!


Thanks for all of your wonderful support, I hope that we can work together to make something wonderful.

Stay fabulous!


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