The challenge of Canadian spring

Spring in Canada is a fickle and temperamental beast. It is both calm and violent, both sunny and warm, and freezing with snow. At times it is a combination of all these thing.

To be properly prepared for a good Canadian spring, you need a closet full of outdoor clothes. Both a heavy winter jacket, and a light wind breaker. A fleece pullover/zip, and a warm sweater. Rain boots and waterproof winter boots.


No matter how ready you are for the weather that came yesterday, there is likely to be a completely different forecast for today. Where yesterday was sunny but windy, today is grey and snowing. Tomorrow may be warm enough to melt the snow and ice, leaving puddles on the sidewalks and roads.

There is no guarantee in a Canadian spring. It just changes and shifts to account for every possible weather anomaly and trend. It just is.

Peace, love, and prepare for everything!


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