Illness and Epiphanies

Being sick is the worst. As someone who is generally healthy (and ever working towards improving that health), I spent 3/4 of October… sick as a dog. It has never happened before, and I’m certainly hoping it never happens again. Generally, my fall cold lasts a couple of days, and then I’m back at it with the same zest as before. But, life continued onwards while I was laying in bed, Kleenex shoved unceremoniously up my nose, an almost empty bottle of cough syrup my companion as I attempted to sleep off the misery. My workplace moved forward, my son continued to grow up, my wife made delicious meals that I couldn’t taste, and she tried to take care of me. Turns out I’m a terrible patient. In all this, I found myself enjoying spending time at home. I didn’t enjoy why (like I said, being sick is the worst), but I certainly enjoyed it. Particularly on those moments where the congestion clears for a brief, nirvana-esque moment and everything feels alright. I’m glad I switched my schedule at work, so I work 9 days every 2 week period. That extra day at home will be amazing, and I hope that I use it to accomplish more of the little things that I rarely have time for.

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