Mind vomit: Racism

My heart and brain are aching and I feel like I am suffocating.

The world is falling apart because of white supremacists and 21st century lynchings… and (white) people are getting upset because it’s messing with their Christmas spirit…

No shit it’s messing with your Christmas spirit, imagine the family, friends, and communities of the innocent black men, women, and children who have been MURDERED at the hands of the police?

Why don’t you care about them?

Why do they have to defend their humanity? They have to fight to be treated as humans, and you’re worried about a fucking Christmas tree?

Get your fucking head out of your ass and realize that racism exists.

There’s a reason that Nazi symbolism and actions are banned in Germany and they have images and idols to remind them of their negative history, and racist imagery (ie: the KKK, slavery etc) exists as well as a distinct lack of statues/figures/memorials exist in the US. Because the Holocaust ended and (though no society is perfect) they do not want to repeat that awful time, racism is alive and well in North America. Can’t very well put up a memorial or reminder statue about the end of an era that never ended.

I’m just so… Lost.

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