NaNoWriMo 2016 post-mortem

Some of you may have been aware that I took part in National Novel Writing Month (affectionately referred to as NaNoWriMo) this year. If you aren’t sure what that is, it’s basically an international personal challenge to write 50,000 words (or as many as you can) throughout the month of November. Which means writing approximately 1,667 words each and every day.

Easy, right?


Not so much! But it’s definitely possible, because guess what?

throwing glitter

I WON!!!


It wasn’t easy, I had a few hiccups and setbacks. One of them was a cold in the second week, which put me out of commission for a few days. Then I went through a bit of a lull where I just didn’t know what to write and didn’t have any energy to do anything throughout the entire third week.

But, I got a second wind right as I rounded out into the fourth week and powered through, writing 7,000 words one night on two separate nights. That made it possible for me to hit 50,033 words on day 29! Which meant, I took the last day off as a “good job” break, and also meant that I was officially an NaNoWriMo winner for 2016!


Woo hoo!

Since the last time I even attempted NaNoWriMo was in 2013 (which I did not succeed at hitting 50,000 words), it was really a nice confidence boost to know that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I also have the beginning of a story that has so much potential to be amazing and fun and a wonderful read.

I look forward to sharing more with each and every one of you as the days go by. I am reinvigorated and I can’t wait to create more.

What’s next?

My next plan is to complete a few little art classes online, such as Figure Drawing and Dynamic Sketching, which I’ve already started.

After that, I plan to enjoy the holiday season and then get back to creating and sharing stuff much more regularly. Keep your eyes peeled!



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