Poem: Ghoulish Awakening

Can you see the shimmer
Of lost souls sifting through puddles of ethereal dirt
They push so hard to touch our world
To grab hold of the slightest piece of humanity
To remember who they once were

Spectres shift and moan in the moonlight
Leaving wisps of pain in their wake
For they search for decades and eons
To find the other half of their broken hearted souls

Yet as the end grows nearer
And the month crawls to a close
We are able to see them more and more
Until the spirit’s door is locked shut
For one more year

So in their anguish they suffer
Searching the ends of the earth
Hoping to find their lost piece of soul
To bring them back from the brink


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  1. theinnerzone

    Love the last stanza. **

    1. Laura (Post author)

      Thank you!!

  2. Jennifer Knoblock

    Great atmosphere, especially those first two lines. I also really liked “Leaving wisps of pain in their wake.”

    1. Laura (Post author)

      Thank you! Atmosphere is so important in poetry, so I’m glad you think so! 🙂

  3. Nate

    I know this is meant to be spooky, but you’ve touched on why I research my family tree. This is kind of how I think of my ancestors: waiting to be remembered, “pushing hard to touch our world.” Don’t know why I think they’re stuck in the past; they’re probably sitting around in a jacuzzi eating nachos and drinking spritzers.

    1. Laura (Post author)

      Hahaha 🙂 Who knows what our ghosty ancestors are up to these days! Maybe jamming out at raves, maybe sitting on the couch with us, eating ghosty Cheetos. We’ll know when we get there!

  4. Michael

    A poem befitting the season. Very nice!

    1. Laura (Post author)

      Thank you! It’s always fun to create seasonal art, even if it is fleeting.


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