Poem: Pulse

My heart twists inward
And my soul screams out
Why are all things different and beautiful
Struck down before reaching their peak
Before even realizing their full potential is possible
I am far from this tragedy,
Yet not so far, in spirit
So many souls lost to us all
This loss which destroys the shell
Of all that was left behind
My heart is left beating a heavy pulse
Like a nail driving me into the ground
I am stuck, fixed in place
Afraid, fearful, terrified

What if this mindset is more common than we think?
What if others, who fear and hate people like me,
Don’t live so far away?
What if I am next?

I already feel such a loss and
I don’t know how much more I can take
Stop taking my brothers from me
Stop taking my sisters from me
We are all people who love and live
And deserve to live
Let us live
For God’s sake, let us live.

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