Commissioned Proofreading/Editing Services

Writing is hard enough, but when it comes to getting your writing ready for other people to read and enjoy, the editing can be downright nauseating in it’s overwhelming weight.

Never fear, I am here! I will proofread, edit, copyedit, and provide comments/feedback on your writing.

Who Am I:

I am a native English speaker with an overwhelming love of language. My ability to find and fix spelling, grammar, and composition errors is one of my strengths, and I like to use that strength to help my fellow creators.

Who are you:

Maybe you’re a student who’s been staring at their paper for too long. Maybe you’re a fan fiction writer with an overwhelming need to write all the fan fiction. Maybe you are a writer of original fiction. Whoever you are, you are writing and you want your writing to be the best it can be.

Services offered:


Price: 1$ per 200 words

Info: This is basic proofreading. If you just need a basic look-over, I will read over your document, finding and fixing spelling errors, formatting mistakes, and basic grammar fixes. Note: This does not include major grammatical changes, complex punctuation (I will add/remove commas and periods, but anything further is considered complex), overhauling the formatting (i.e: I will not make your document from a plain text document into an APA formatted document), or content editing, which are all more involved processes reserved for other services.


Basic Copyediting

Price: 2.50$ per 200 words

Info: Basic copyediting includes: spellchecking, full grammar checking, punctuation, word usage, formatting, and the overall construction of a document. I will go over each line to ensure that your document contain no errors. This is perfect for those who speak English as a second or third language, or anyone who requires a third set of eyes to review an already-reviewed and edited document/essay/story.


Heavy Copyediting

Price: 4$ per 200 words

Info: Heavy copyediting includes everything that basic copyediting does, with a heavier focus on content and flow. Common corrections would be: changing repetitive words with synonymous replacements, rearranging the order of sentences in a paragraph (or paragraphs in an essay), and suggestions for missing information and/or additional information.


Substantive Editing

Price: 6$ per 200 words

Info: This is the ultimate editing service. Substantive editing includes everything that heavy copyediting does, as well as reordering or even rewriting passages for the most powerful message that really exemplifies your ideas presented through the written word. I’ll cut to the core of the document and rework it to the best of my ability. This also includes any formatting that you require, from html formatting for website publishing, MLA/APA formatting for school submissions, or formatting your ebook draft for Createspace/PDF/epub publishing.


What file formats do you work with?

Listen friend, I like to keep things really simple! I personally use Microsoft Word for everything, and that results in either .DOC or .DOCX files. However, I can also work with .RTF and GoogleDocs files! If you have a different file type, just send me a message and I’ll see what I can work out for you.

What if I need further corrections after you’ve sent my file back?

I’m always available for further discussion and additional proofreading/copyediting, and if you have any questions, just contact me using the contact form below!

When do I pay you? How do I pay you?

I will not start working on your document until a funds transfer has been completed of at least half of the agreed upon cost. Furthermore, I will not send you the final document until a complete payment has been issued. This is non-negotiable.

You can pay me through PayPal, and I will go through the details of how to do that once a price has been agreed upon, and you are ready to submit the advance payment for your document.

Sounds Great! Sign me up! How do I commission your services?

Use the contact form below to send me the details of your document, any questions you have, or to request a quote for my services:

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I strive to answer all inquiries and messages within 48 hours!



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