Why I Love Starbucks

Starbucks has a history of being treated like the snob-central or hipster paradise. I disagree with these labels.

Many people I know opt for the less expensive coffee from Tim Horton’s or McDonald’s. It saves money, they say. It’s lower class so there won’t be any snooty baristas or cashiers, I’m told.

Yet this is not entirely true on either account.

It saves money? Maybe, but then you are encouraged to go more often, instead of using your trip to the coffee shop as a treat. I purchase a coffee from Starbucks once a week, twice on a bad week. I also don’t buy a fancy-pantsy latte/frappuccino/etc. Just plain regular coffee. Costs me 1.94 if I don’t use my own mug. That’s per week.

Those I know who hit Tim’s or McD’s tend to buy one per day. This ends up being 1.60$x5days, so 8$ a week.

You might be asking “But, don’t you drink coffee every day?” To which I say “Damn right I do!”

The difference is, my everyday coffee comes from a coffee machine. Every morning I drink a coffee at home that costs me maybe 25c including the milk and sugar. And every day I bring a travel mug with me to work full of the delicious caffeinated liquid nectar of the gods. So that’s two coffees a day, for less than a dollar.

Claim refuted.


The second claim people have against Starbucks is that the baristas/customers are snobs.

This is true wherever you go. Some people just walk around with a big huge stick up their ass. It isn’t your fault that they are miserable.

My experience with customer service that isn’t so service is… stop going to that restaurant.

Sure I’ve had crotchety baristas at Starbucks. And at Bridgehead. And at Tim Horton’s. And at McDonald’s. Etc.

If I get treated poorly for whatever reason while I’m a customer, I stop going to that location. There are two Starbucks in close proximity to my office building that I refuse to go into.

But one store is not all stores. Almost all of the Starbucks I go to, the baristas and cashiers are friendly and will talk to you if they have time. Go into a McD’s or a Tim’s and try to chat up the workers. Chances are, they’re going to shove you off asap because they are rushed around all the time to get all of their crap done while they deal with the rushes.

Chance of having a crusty cashier: Pretty much even.

Claim refuted.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to enjoy my organic, shade-grown, fair-trade coffee of the week.

See you next time!

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